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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology


Funding Call: Multimodal research across scales to understand human disease

MRC has launched a new initiative which will pump-prime multimodal research across scales to improve understanding of human disease.

The initiative will catalyse the development of new research collaborations that connect two or more groups with expertise in different and complementary scales and modalities for the first time.  This should open up new lines of enquiry at the interface of biomedical disciplines that lead to radically new understanding of the mechanisms of human disease.  Applications may involve integrating research approaches and data reaching across:

  *   scales - from molecules to cells, tissues, organs, physiological systems, the whole organisms, and population-based information
  *   modalities - including structural analysis, cell/tissue/organism imaging, 'omics', functional read-outs, exposure
  *   quantitative analysis - including mathematical modelling, machine learning or broader AI approaches and iteration between modelling and experimentation

The initiative focusses on human disease and studies may be conducted in humans, use human cells, samples or data, or creative approaches to human models.

The total fund available is £5 million and we anticipate funding up to five collaborative projects over a period of up to three years.

The initiative will open for outline applications at the end of May / beginning of June with a deadline for submission of outline proposals on 6th August.  Please see the UKRI Funding Finder for further information:


If you have any questions, please email<>