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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology


Looking for a New Postdoc Representative!

We are continuing our quest to find a Postdoc representative from School of Biological Sciences to join our Public Engagement Advisory Group (PEAG) for upcoming 2022-2024 term.

We would like to continue to include researchers from different echelons of the university’s academic makeup, who are passionate about public engagement, in our advisory group. Members serve as advisors to help advance the mission of public engagement within the university and to shape the future reach of research within the university to audiences outside the academia.

Terms of reference

The Public Engagement Advisory Group (PEAG) is actively involved in embedding public engagement with research more effectively within the University institutions and providing a platform for identifying and developing cross-School public engagement opportunities. The PEAG oversees a number of initiatives; the strategic development of public engagement with research, advise on and promote best practice in public engagement and PER, drive the development and implementation of public engagement strategy, provide a contact point for researchers seeking advice on public engagement and PER, as well as awarding Public Engagement Starter Grants, Vice-chancellor’s awards among others. 


The group meets three times in each academic year. Members serve two-year terms.

If you could circulate our call or recommend a Postdoc actively involved in Public Engagement within the University, I would be grateful if you can get in touch with me, Selen Etingu, a short statement of interest (300 words max) from the nominated, as soon as possible.