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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology


Remit of the Prizes

Recognise accomplished early career scientists for their innovative research at the intersection between biological, physical and/or mathematical sciences.

We will award up to 2 PhD and 2 Postdoc CPB Prizes this year. The awardees' work must have been predominantly carried out in Cambridge. The prizes are £500 each and winners will be invited to give a talk at the CPB Annual Meeting.

Application deadline will be after the summer. More information coming soon!


Previous Awarded:


Filip Bošković

PhD Prize

Single-molecule, single-cell native transcriptomics with nanopores and RNA origami codes

Keywords: RNA origami, designed RNA codes, nanopore microscopy, native target transcriptomics.





Susie McLaren

Postdoc Prize

How does a simple tube give rise to the complex geometry of the central nervous system?

Keywords: central nervous system, neural tube, fluid pressure, lumen pressure, tissue material properties.






Roger Rubio Sánchez

Postdoc Prize

Using DNA nanostructures for lipid membrane biophysics and bioengineering in synthetic cell science

Keywords: artificial cells, synthetic membranes, DNA nanotechnology, nano-scaled DNA structures, cell surface






Gea van de Kerkhof

PhD Prize

Structurally coloured bacterial colonies

Keywords: structural colour, bacteria, biophotonics, biophysics, biochemistry






Eva Kreysing

Postdoc Prize

Effects of substrate stiffness on membrane tension

Keywords: membrane tension, substrate stiffness, optical tweezers, fibroblasts, neurons






Wolfram Pönisch

Postdoc Prize

How cell shapes change during cellular fate transitions

Keywords: theoretical biophysics, modelling, cell fate transitions, morphometrics, stochastic processes








Maximilian Jakobs

PhD Prize

Microtubule orientation during neuronal development

Keywords:neuroscience, microtubules, modelling, machine learning, image analysis






Anna Lippert

PhD Prize

Molecular mechanisms of lymphocyte activation - please mind the gap

Keywords: biophysics, mechanobiology, immunology, single molecule imaging






Alexander Ohmann

PhD Prize

Outperforming nature with a lipid-flipping enzyme built from DNA

Keywords: DNA nanotechnology, membrane transport, DNA origami, confocal microscopy, lipid scrambling