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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology


Operations Team

Ewa Paluch - Co-Chair


Steering Committee

Biological Sciences:

Clare Bryant  (Department of Veterinary Medicine) 

Jenny Gallop (Department of Biochemistry / Gurdon Institute)

Laura Itzhaki (Department of Pharmacology)

Ewa Paluch (Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience)

James Locke (Sainsbury Laboratory) 

Alison Smith (Department of Plant Sciences)

Kristian Franze (Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience)

Ben Steventon (Department of Genetics)

Usha Goswami (Department of Psychology)

James Herbert-Read (Department of Zoology)


Physical Sciences:

David Klenerman (Department of Chemistry) 

Lucy Colwell (Department of Chemistry)

Diana Fusco  (Department of Physics) 

Pietro Cicuta (Department of Physics)

Ben Simons (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics)


Clinical Medicine:

Jamie Blundell (Department of Oncology)

John Marioni (CRUK Cambridge Institute)



Alexandre Kabla (Department of Engineering)

Somenath Bakshi (Department of Engineering)

Clemens Kaminski (Department of Chemical Engineering) 

Pietro Lio’ (Department of Computer Science and Technology)


Arts and Humanities:

Ying Jin (Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies) 



Margarida Rodrigues (Coordinator)