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The CPB Early Career Network has been launched and supported by CPB to help support early career researchers researchers at the university who are interested in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of biological/biomedical sciences and physical sciences. We are happy to welcome advanced PhD students, postdocs, and other researchers at the early stages of their careers.

If you are interested in presenting your project as a 10-15-minute chalk talk, don't hesitate to get in touch with the organising committee.

We encourage speakers to provide a broad introduction to their research topic to get everyone on the same page and to conclude with one or more challenges they are currently trying to overcome. The CPB ECR crowd is very interdisciplinary, curious, and friendly, and would love to learn more about your work, whether it be experimental or theoretical.

New CPB ECR members are welcome to join in person, on Slack (, and on our mailing list (

On behalf of the CPB Early Career Network organising committee:

Thomas Blake (

Jan Huertas Martin (

Susie McLaren (

Iskra Yanakieva (


How to get involved:

Slack (

Mailing list (


Next meeting


Time: 12:15, 4th July 2024

Place: TBC

Food and drinks provided. :)




Previous meetings


6 June

M. Julia Maristany (Collepardo Lab, Department of Physics)

"Exploring biomolecular condensates via computer simulations"



7 June

Guillermo Serrano Najera (Steventon Lab, Department of Genetics) 

"Synthesis of alternative gastrulation modes reveals unknown developmental constraints"

5 April 

Joseph Thottacherry: 'A morphogenesis problem: How to make the gut longer but not wider?

1 March

speakers: Jan Huertas Martin (Dept. Chemistry)

1 February

speakers: Wolfram Poenisch (PDN) and Jana Sipkova (PDN)

18 January

Pub social



7 December

speakers: Euan Smithers (Sainsbury Lab) and Geraldine Jowett (PDN)

2 November

speakers: Man Zhou and Yavor Novev (Dept. Chemical Engineering)

5 October

Pub social

13 July

speakers: Thomas Blake (Gurdon) and Shuvrangsu Das (Dept. Engineering)

8 June

speaker: Enrico Sandro Collizi

11 May

networking activity

6 April

Welcome and introduction

Short talks by previous awardess of the CPB Pump Priming Grants