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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology

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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology

The Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology (CPB) aims to support and facilitate multidisciplinary collaborations across the University of Cambridge. We will help coordinate and disseminate events and activities, support existing collaborations and promote new interactions. The Centre is currently setting up a number of schemes aiming to promote interdisciplinary connections, including pump-priming grants, summer studentships and a visiting scholar scheme.

Cambridge Physical Biology brings together researchers from across the different Schools of the University of Cambridge to help address key open questions in Biology.

Latest News & Publications

First Authors Interviews: Omer Karin

10 June 2024

Tuning of plasma cell lifespan by competition explains the longevity and heterogeneity of antibody persistence B. D. Simons and O. Karin , Immunity 57 , 600-611 (2024) | doi: 10.1016/j.immuni.2024.02.005 Commentary: Predicting plasma cell retention and loss over a lifetime By Omer Karin (formerly in Ben Simons’ group in...