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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology

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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology

The Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology aims to support and facilitate multidisciplinary collaborations across the University of Cambridge. We will help coordinate and disseminate events and activities, support existing collaborations and promote new interactions. The Centre is currently setting up a number of schemes aiming to promote interdisciplinary connections, including pump-priming grants, summer studentships and a visiting scholar scheme.

Cambridge Physical Biology brings together researchers from across the different Schools of the University of Cambridge to help address key open questions in Biology.


Shedding light into pattern formation during morphogenesis

30 June 2020

The Steventon lab has identified the signalling strategy required for explant elogantion in Zebrafish. “As embryos develop, individual cells must make decisions about what they are to become”, said Tim Fulton, first author of the study recently published in Current Biology . Traditionally it is considered that these...

Tech-Know Tuesdays

29 June 2020

A joint effort between CSCI post-docs Dan Prins (Green lab) and Craig McDonald (Kent lab) and the Cambridge Institute Scientists Society (CISSoc) from the CRUK CI, to discuss the latest technologies and their application to stem cell research. Talks are now held fortnightly and you can find more information here . If you...

Cortical cell stiffness is independent of substrate mechanics

29 June 2020

Cortical cell stiffness is independent of substrate mechanics Over the past decade, cell mechanics measurements have repeatedly shown that cells growing on soft materials become soft, and those growing on stiff materials become stiff. This observation has held true for many different cell types, including stem cells and...