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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology


Winners and projects selected


Nino Läubli (CEB), Shirom Chabra (Stem Cell Institute) and Ziqi Dong (Gurdon Institute)

Deciphering the spatial determinants of human lung development


Sabila Chilaeva (MRC-LMB), Udit Surya Saha (Dept. Chemistry), Kyriacos Leptos;(DAMTP);Chi Ki Leung (CEB)

Proposal to investigate the role of adaptor proteins in mRNA  transport in the oocyte-to-embryo transition in Drosophila

Meng (CEB), Ana Hernandez (Gurdon Institute), Jan Jezek (Gurdon Institute) and Aishwarya Venkatramani (CEB)

Observing oxidative stress and morphogenesis alterations during mechanical force regulation in chicken embryo stem cells