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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology



The Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology will fund up to three pump-priming grants a year (up to £20k each) with the aim of generating new collaborations between teams with complementary expertise and promoting multidisciplinary research in the field of physical biology. The CPB pump-priming grants are especially targeted at early career investigators (postdocs, research fellows and starting PIs). CBP will prioritise teams that demonstrate how these funds could leverage external funding opportunities.



Priority will be given to teams representing new collaborations, and joining researchers from different disciplines. The projects must demonstrate input of both physical and biological sciences (i.e. a good fit in CPB). Team partners should have equal contributions and demonstrate strong intellectual exchange.

Applications are particularly encouraged from early career investigators (postdocs and junior PIs).

Teams not already actively involved in multidisciplinary research are welcome.

Senior postdocs can lead an application or be co-applicants, provided that they have the approval and support of their PI.


Application Process

- Complete the application form (download here). Don’t forget to explain the roles of both physical sciences and biological sciences in the project.

- Applicants who have a PI should submit a support letter from them;  

- If the work proposed uses any space or equipment not under direct control of the applicants, this needs to be detailed and signed off by the Head of Department(s).

- Deadline for application:  30/09/2021

- Results will be announced by early November


Peer-review Process

All applications will be reviewed by the Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology Operations Team.


Other Considerations

The Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology is planning to organise sandpit events on topics where multidisciplinary approaches are under-represented in Cambridge, with the aim of encouraging and catalysing new ideas and interactions. 

If you have further queries please contact Margarida Rodrigues


Application Form