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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology


Restricted call: BBSRC ALERT 2021 Mid-range equipment initiative (Internal deadline: 9 AM, 2ndNovember 2021)

The BBSRC has announced the ALERT 2021 Mid-range equipment initiative

The ALERT 2021 call aims to enhance the capability of the UK research base in areas of science in UKRI-BBSRC's remit. Applications are invited for mid-range equipment costing over £200,000 including VAT. Applications will typically be from groups of researchers in one or more eligible institutions for instrumentation to be deployed collaboratively on a multi-project and multi-use basis. The capital equipment budget for this call is approximately £10M.

The impact of the investment will be part of the assessment of the application, including the research enabled, the benefit to or involvement of a wider user community, and the anticipated extent of usage. Where it is envisaged that a significant user-base for the equipment will be undertaking research in areas outside BBSRC remit, applicants must seek an appropriate level of additional upfront contributions and support from external sources, and provide information on this in the grant application (for more information see the call guidance). Details of BBSRC remit are available here

University Internal selection: 

Institutions have to prioritise their submissions due to the limited budget available for this call. Therefore, this call will be managed according to the University’s restricted calls policy

To take part in the internal selection process, please submit the attached internal selection form together with a support letter from the Head of the Department/Centre/Institute that will hold the grant, to by 9 AM, 2nd November 2021. The Head of Department support letter should confirm:


·               Support for the project 

·               The Department has sufficient space for the equipment and will cover relevant technical support, training, access, and health and safety costs.


Funder deadline: 4pm, 25 November 2021


If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at