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Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology


Isaac Newton Trust (INT) Research Grants for Early Career Support for

University Lecturers in the Physical Sciences and Technology

(deadline 22 November 2021)

Applications are now open for the INT Early Career Support scheme for University Lecturers in the Physical Sciences and Technology. This scheme is for newly appointed lecturers (UTOs) who have been appointed between 1 October 2018 and 31 December 2021. It is designed to aid academics in beginning their research careers.  To facilitate this, the funding can be used as flexibly as possible in giving applicants money for their research as best suits their needs. Applicants must demonstrate how this funding will lead to future applications for external funding.   

Proposals are invited for projects of up to £55,000, for a period of up to 1 year. 50% (up to £27,500) will be provided by the Isaac Newton Trust and the remaining 50% (up to £27,500) must be provided by the home Department. The departmental contribution must come from departmental funds, and not another grant. The eligible expenditure includes directly incurred and allocated costs only. The grants can be used to fund PDRA support, equipment, travel and ancillary consumables. This funding is not transferable, should the applicant relocate to another institution.  PI Time and student fees are not eligible costs on this grant.   

The application should include:  

  • Proposal with the breakdown of the budget* requested (maximum 2 pages A4)  
  • CV and publications (maximum 2 pages A4)  
  • Statement of support from the Head of the Department, outlining why they recommend the project for funding and confirming that the department will provide 50% of the project cost.  
  • Information about funding received to date, to include:  

- the starting packages received when appointed to the lectureship  

- grant funding to date  

  • An explanation of how this proposal relates to your current funding and how it would lead to future large-grant funding (maximum 1 page A4)  


*Whilst we don’t require the X5 at application stage you should contact your Departmental Administrator as soon as possible or at least a week before the deadline to ensure your budget is correctly calculated.  The X5 will then be required should this be awarded.  

Note: where applicable, a statement in relation to ethical reviews, outlining what permissions the applicant has and what they would need, should be included.  


Deadline: Please send the application to by 22 November 2021.  


Please note that the unsuccessful applicants to this scheme cannot apply to the Isaac Newton Trust directly for support for the same project. The successful applicants cannot apply to the Isaac Newton Trust directly for matching funding for this scheme.