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May 31


The series will continue on Monday, 1st June, 1pm:
Lothar Schermelleh: 3D super-resolution microscopy of chromatin 'blobs'

Please use the Eventbrite subscription for safe ZOOM access:
We use twitter for follow-up discussions: #ImagingONEWORLD<>

Lothar is an affiliated member of the Micron Advanced Bioimaging Unit<>
He is driving the development of computational analysis and fluorescence labelling tools for super-resolution microscopy. His biological research aims at uncovering the interplay between biophysical forces, epigenetic memory and cohesin complex activity to modulate cell-type-specific transcriptional programmes, e.g. during cell differentiation and in pathological states. His group employs a combination of genetic editing and cell biological manipulations with innovative live-cell and correlative super-resolution imaging and analysis approaches. This will ultimately enable to directly observe genome activity, such as transcription, replication and repair, in the context of the nuclear environment at the nanoscale.

The Imaging ONE WORLD first lectures have been a huge success: we have had over 240 scientists zooming in for the second lecture from Japan, Australia, Israel, USA (Harvard, MIT, Rockefeller), from Europe (Italy, Germany, Spain) and of course most and many from CRUK CI and Cambridge.


January 28

Call for LOGO competition

The Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology is happy to announce a logo competition. The logo will help promote the visibility of multi-disciplinary approaches to Biology in Cambridge, as well as develop a sense of identity - please send us your ideas! It will be used on the CPB website and social media, in official correspondence, presentation templates and so on. For more details press here


January 25

Call for short movies to showcase Biological Physics research

Guidelines for application:

  • Max 3 minutes (including titles).
  • Deadline 31th October 2020.
  • Must be self-produced by early career (PhDs, postdocs, Fellows).
  • Permission of PI must be obtained.
  • Competition is open to members of the IOP Biological Physics group (at least one of the people credited must be a member). See for joining.
  • Video should be pitched to level of a physics undergraduate.
  • Prizes:  £250 for Winner and £100 for a Jury's Award.
  • By submitting the video, you allow the IOP committee to make use of the material for the purpose of highlighting the community, for example a collection might be posted on youtube after the competition.

Movies should be compressed with a suitable codec so that they are <250MB in size.   They should be in avi format and playable by vlc player on a windows OS.   They should be put on some online repository and a link to them made available to the Chair of the IOP group, Pietro Cicuta, with an email to by the deadline. The email should cc the PI, and should contain a statement that the conditions above are understood and agreed to.


January 20


Cambridge Centre for Physical Biology